Thursday, December 24, 2009

सभी को नमस्कार

आज मैंने आपके मनोरंजन के लिए, अब तक की सभी कविता आपके सामने रखने का कार्य पूर्ण कर लिया है |
आगे भी अपनी नई रचनाओ से आपके दिलो को छूने का प्रयास करता रहूँगा। बस आप लोग इसी तरह अपना प्यारऔर राय देते रहे।
अब आपके सामने जो मै रखूँगा वों अधिकांश मेरे छोटी रचनाये होंगी।
आपका आनंद

Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to my blog !!

Hi friends

I am here to share my words with you share may feeling with you...

I am not a poet so please keep suggesting me to improve my skill. Mostly poem has been written in past so I cant make all of them correct but I keep your suggestion in mind in future, So that I can give you something, which can make you proud.

There is one more request plz dont copy these poem. If you want to pass it somebody just give link...I will be thankfull for it. Hope you understand.

Looking for your response.
Thanks & Regards
Anand Kumar